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"The Optimal Life is very simply a rising, expanding celebration of being fully human ..."

I love to walk the journey with people into embracing Optimal Life!
The privilege of witnessing “the lights going on”, Life renewed and relationships/marriage/work starting to come alive, is always profoundly moving –  how do we ever put a value to that?!

The real power of the Optimal Life approach is that it does not focus on performance or positive thinking at all.
It is all about revelation, not about effort!
We simply focus on leading you into discovering your true self, which is FAR more powerful … and then, how to live from there authentically and passionately.
The results are absolutely life changing, literally down to your DNA level, not merely more information, or yet another discipline/routine to try to practice, so that you can pull yourself up by your own shoe laces.
This approach is soundly based on credible research findings (neuroplasticity & neurogenesis), an exciting recent field in Psychology.
This is in complete harmony with what God reveals to us throughout the Bible about His intentions for us to have an “Abundant Life” – i.e. living from “shalom”(wholeness, wellbeing, peace, rest, safe) irrespective of our current circumstances.
I provide a Bible-based approach to making this very practical and doable. That is the Mentoring &  Coaching journey that I lead you on.

my personal “BHAG” (“Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal”!)

Because this approach is so powerful, I am aiming for …
exponential change of many, many lives, not merely a privileged few!

the current challenge

My available time is very limited, as I am totally focused on developing a lot of training material, to be able to help as many people as possible, quickly. Importantly, I also choose my Personal Coaching Clients carefully, as I only work with those
who are totally committed to real transformation
who are genuinely ready to step fully into all that they are uniquely created to be.

I require you to take your Optimal Life as seriously as I do

If you are confident that you are as serious about your Optimal Life as I am, then please complete this quick test and submit it to us

are you ready discover who you really are, and how to be optimally you?

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