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alan ter morshuizen

optimal life coach

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”
CS Lewis

my undertaking to you

that is priceless, right?

The real power of the Optimal Life approach is that it does not focus on performance, or on positive thinking, at all

It is all about transforming how we perceive,
not about some new formula for “success”,
or trying even harder!

We simply focus on leading you into discovering
your true self
which is FAR more powerful

… and then, how to live from there
authentically and passionately.

I have known Alan for almost thirty years as a friend and colleague.
I would define Alan as a man of extremely high principles who walks the talk. His very loving family are a testimony of the integrity of this exceptional man.
He is an easy leader who leads from the front and his visionary and communicative skills leave others inspired. In his capacity of visionary, he easily converts isolated ideas of others into pictures that all can see.

Chester Wilmot

Entrepreneur and serial Inventor

A true passion to optimize the awesomeness of a client through their own Strengths!
You have a beautiful and profound way of describing, noticing and seeing Strengths within a person and how their Strengths play and interact with each other. It seems that you can “see through” Strengths on a deeper level than most Strengths coaches can.
You are open to see how a client’s Strengths really work, instead of projecting how they should work.

Mariella Serra

Mariella Serra

Serra Coaching, Dutch Strengths Coach and former classmate at Strengths Strategy

Alan commits to his clients’ vision of success and partners in the truest sense of the word to ensure that success is achieved. He has the ability to address and solve problems holistically covering emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, social and environmental dimensions.
Alan encourages a fresh, innovative view of life and the potential it holds, and I can sincerely recommend him as the ideal thought-partner.

Jacques Van Heerden

CEO of The Mufasa Coaching Practice, CPC, ELI-MP, CCP

Alan Ter Morshuizen – thank you for your professionalism, understanding and care shown during our Strengths Coaching sessions – both from a personal as well as our company perspective. Your knowledge, guidance and intuition made it a truly “AHA” moment for me.
I highly recommend Alan Ter Morshuizen, Life Architect, as your personal and business Life Coach. Thank you Alan!

Stella Wilson

Stella Wilson

Co-Owner, Kaldorei Africa

Alan was attentive, wise and flexible. He listened to my thoughts/challenges and had superb suggestions, opinions and ideas. He followed up on discussions with extra reading, in-depth thoughts and a helpful point of view. I felt heard, understood and even normal 😉
I really enjoyed the material provided (reading and notes), I found it gave me an added understanding of the strengths, my strengths and what to focus on within my life and my thoughts.

Alice Tawse

Alice Tawse

Business Studies Graduate

Alan patiently allowed us to work through real, current situations – guiding us toward the Strengths principles.
We would have just wanted more personal time to have done the homework; that would have saved valuable time in the sessions as well.

Ashley Cocks

Ashley Cocks

Marketer, Strategist & Entrepreneur

It was the combination of a genuinely life- and love-motivated coach, together with the material, that opened up the internal infrastructure within me to conceive of a Strengths-based life … a life re-envisioned.
… really drew the best engagement out of me during and prior to our sessions. I always felt compelled to be 100% present and engaged so as to maximize vulnerable interconnectedness.

Ross Du Preez

Ross Du Preez

Strategist & Businessman

Alan listened attentively and always got me to think about how my presenting issue or problem related back to an unmet need. Alan encouraged me to become responsible for my own feelings and reactions and not to blame myself or the third party involved.
I’m enjoying the process of recalibrating my brain to catch up to this positive thought life.
Alan’s Life Coaching skills revolutionised our marriage! We can now laugh with each other as we remind ourselves of the tools Alan gave to deal with those ‘tricky’ situations.

Ruth Cocks

Ruth Cocks

Designer, Business Owner (RuthAnne Collection)

about alan

Alan holds a degree in Architecture, an MBA, plus various Mentoring & Coaching qualifications. His Business career has included extensive experience in Professional Consulting (Construction Industry & Management Consulting), plus widely diverse positions in business, which includes running various sized companies in Construction, Manufacturing and Property Development.
Since 1974 Alan has exercised a range of leadership roles in the Church context – leading, pioneering, mentoring, teaching/training, counselling, pastoring, etc.
Consequently, he has been exposed to the “good, the bad and the ugly” many times, in both contexts … gaining a sobering awareness of how easily things can go wrong in life, and in relationships.

But, Alan’s most significant Life lessons by far have been in how best to work well together towards fulfilling our Creator’s intended purposes for Humanity.

That is his passion and the focus of his work today.

frequently asked questions

This is about your whole Life/future – that matters far too much to reduce it to a single methodology, or strategy.
My approach is to lead you through a range of tried & tested interventions which enable you to discover accurately who you are and who you are not, and then what to do with that.
A journey aimed at fundamentally transforming the way in which you perceive pretty much everything.
That way you are empowered to live Life increasingly “in the Zone” – i.e. where your natural skills and happy space meet.

To be fully You!

So, to achieve life transforming results we use the range of methodologies, as appropriate at the time, according to your needs.

We’re talking about real, transformative change, to permanently set you on a vastly better trajectory, for Life. 
Realistically, that does take time.

My approach is broken down into simple, very affordable, step-by-step modules.
It is essential to follow the plan, at least until you have the basics in place. As you get increasing clarity, you will find what works best for you and will want to focus on that.
We will also refer you to other resources that will help your journey.

The bottom line: this is a Life journey, not a “quick fix”!
We do not want to take your money and leave you wondering whether you got any real value in return for it, or not.

TIP: start by attending the FREE Introductory programs that we run. That will quickly tell you how comfortably you can relate to me, and whether, or not, you are likely to benefit from our Optimal Life approach.
We understand how important it is for you to be comfortable with my approach and to confidently trust me, for you to be able to walk a beneficial journey with me!