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Our Approach

“Yeah, right! And exactly how am I supposed to do that?

… I have done every self-improvement program going, worked my butt off, and given it my very best shot. Many people see me as ‘successful’ … even I should be impressed?! But, truth be told, life still sucks!”

The bottom line – if the ladder is against the wrong building, when you get to the top you are going to be very chipped off, right? Very!

So, here is my undertaking: I will never

  • try to fix you – because I am going to show you that you do not need fixing
  • ask you to “try harder” – remember the ladder against the wrong building? Exactly!

Instead, I am going to lead you on a life-transforming journey of

  • learning to reallysee” … yourself, others … in fact, everything!
  • discover your own unique identity and strengths.
  • embrace and step fully into living optimally from that position, naturally.
  • create great habits – reframe your habits as gateways to opportunities, rather than as sacrifices or burdens.

The best version of you = you being fully, uniquely you! Naturally.


We help you to lead by helping you to switch from “telling” to coaching – i.e. true discipling.

Our niche market is pastors who get it that significant change is essential, but need help to transition.

We lead you through a journey of discovering your full identity in Christ and empowering you to walk in that increasingly – Optimal Life. You then use the same model to lead your followers on the same journey.


Ultimately every single outcome in my life can be traced back to the lens through which I view Life.
“The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.”
Leo Tolstoy
We help you to fundamentally transform how you perceive.


Western individualism has run its course and been found to be desperately wanting! Every one of us longs for far more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
Our relational model and methodology are totally aligned with the Creator’s intentions, as well as scientifically robust.
We offer no quick fix, but real, steady transformation for those who commit to the shared journey into living Life fully and optimally.

“It was the combination of a genuinely life- and love-motivated coach, together with the material, that opened up the internal infrastructure within me to conceive of a Strengths-based life … a life re-envisioned.”

Ross du Preez

Chief Strategist & COO of Alderson Ambulance

“My most significant take-away from the coaching was not to judge others who think & behave differently to me as being in any way less or inferior or lazy.  Not to try and fix people but rather to ask questions and draw on my strengths and try and understand what their strengths are.

Alan listened attentively and always got me to think about how my presenting issue or problem related back to an unmet need. Alan encouraged me to become responsible for my own feelings and reactions and not to blame myself or the third party involved. I’m enjoying the process of recalibrating my brain to catch up to this positive thought life.”

“Alan’s Life Coaching skills revolutionised our marriage. We can now laugh with each other as we remind ourselves of the tools Alan gave to deal with those ‘tricky’ situations.”

Ruth Cocks

“Alan commits to his clients’ vision of success and partners in the truest sense of the word to ensure that success is achieved. He has the ability to address and solve problems holistically covering emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, social and environmental dimensions. Alan encourages a fresh, innovative view of life and the potential it holds, and I can sincerely recommend him as the ideal thought-partner.”

Jacques van Heerden, CPC, ELI-MP, CCP

CEO of The Mufasa Coaching Practice

“Alan Ter Morshuizen – thank you for your professionalism, understanding and care shown during our Strengths Coaching sessions – both from a personal as well as our company perspective.

Your knowledge, guidance and intuition made it a truly “AHA” experience for me.

I highly recommend Alan Ter Morshuizen as your personal and business Life Architect. Thank you Alan!”

Stella Wilson

Partner, Kaldorei Africa

“I have known Alan for over twenty years as a friend and colleague. I would define Alan as a man of extremely high principles who walks the talk. His very loving family is a testimony to the integrity of this exceptional man.

He is an easy leader who leads from the front and his visionary and communicative skills leave others inspired.

In his capacity of visionary, he easily converts isolated ideas of others into pictures that all can see.”

Chester Wilmot

Inventor, Entrepreneur and Co-Owner of Milkwood Manor Guesthouse.

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